Speakers Request for Johannes Hartl


  • Johannes is unfortunately not able to answer every request. Should he decline, we offer you a team of staff of the House of Prayer Augsburg.
  • There are almost no more openings for 2017. Please place your request as early as possible and providing a long wait.
  • Johannes prefers large events of more than 500 people.
  • If possible, Johannes loves to come with a team.
  • Johannes and his family live on donations at 100%. His speaker fees go to the House of Prayer at a 100%.
  • Unless there a other agreements, Johannes Hartl will bring a booktable of the House of Prayer to the event.
  • When traveling inside of Germany, Johannes tries to not spend a night in Hotels, since he does not like, being separate from his family longer than necessary.
  • If requests for events fall on the same date, the larger event will usually be preferred.
  • for your request please use the form below.
  • For further questions or deeper information please write to


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