Eden Culture

Our lives have become complex. We are flooded with expactations and information. We are being lived and long to break free. This deep longing is where bestselling author Johannes Hartl comes in. He analyzes the state of our society and shows what we have lost, psychologically, socialogically, but also spiritually. Hartl recognizes three basic dimensions that make up our lives, or could make up our lives. To rediscover them is the great task for which this book prepares its readers. It is about a different life and a new tomorrow. A tomorrow in which head and heart are reconciled, reason and faith, rationality and spirituality go hand in hand. An inspiring and at the same time polarizing non-fiction book, which clearly names undesirable developments and yet brings up new views and perspectives in a fascinating way. An invitation to a new culture:

the Eden Culture. (Only availabe in German)

Simply Pray

There is more to life. Embark on a journey to encounter the greatest fascination of the universe. Prayer is something you can learn. In his book, Johannes Hartl describes 12 steps into the great mystery suitable for everyday life. It is beautiful. It is simple. Simply prayer. Lovingly designed, bound in linen. With numerous illustrations by Johannes Hartl.

God untamed

There is one question that eclipses every other. A question that decides the fate of every human being. Are you ready? "Fire in my heart" traces a journey into prayer. Johannes Hartl's new book takes you on a theological-philosophical journey into the mysterious regions of God's glory. But he is different. Forget about the grandpa in heaven. God is foreign. He is mighty. Our thought constructs shatter like earthenware. He is the earthquake. It's time to break out of your spiritual comfort zone. God is overwhelming.

God untamed.

Fire in my heart

Join Johannes Hartl on his exciting journey into prayer - and catch fire for the conversation with God yourself! Johannes Hartl has a lot to tell - from his childhood in the neighborhood of a Benedictine monastery, his youth full of extremes or his

countless journeys up to the foundation of the House of Prayer in Augsburg. Looking back, he recognizes that the stations of his life were above all this one thing: a journey into prayer. He lets you participate in this journey; he takes you to the Syrian desert, to lonely monasteries, to dusty paths or to the jungle - and to the insights of his heart. Fascinated, you dive into a completely different, partly foreign world - but one that irresistibly beckons. In the end, you only want one thing: to encounter God in prayer and in this way find a life that is completely permeated by Jesus.