Habitare Secum

"Being at home with yourself" is the title of this instrumental album. Johannes Hartl at the piano and Christian Heidenbauer (Michael Patrick Kelly Band) at the electric guitar weave filigree melodies into each other and create a

space to linger in. Artistic neo-classicism that touches and leads into prayer.

So hoch der Himmel ist

Rousing, powerful and acoustic.

In the second music album by Johannes and his friends, things are much more cheerful than on the first CD "Augenlieder". It includes twelve titles which were recorded live in the studio by musicians from the house of prayer. Artists from well-known bands such as Florian Sitzmann (Söhne Mannheims) and Christian Heidenbauer (Michael Patrick Kelly) are also involved. In addition to somewhat better-known songs such as "Noch Nie", there are many new, all congregational songs from the pen of Johannes to discover, including the version of the classic "Jesus ist kommen" known from the MEHR 2017. Lavishly produced, lovingly decorated with spontaneous bonus track and extensive booklet.


Produced and arranged with a lot of love and predominantly shaped only by acoustic instruments, everything about "Augenlieder" sounds fine, close, fragile and real. Eleven songs by Johannes, which tell of the beauty of the encounter with God in poetic words. A Steinway grand piano. Cello. Delicate tones. And then again powerful swelling praise.